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Keeping you in touch with local biking events and shop news
Old Town Bike Shop has been part of the Colorado Springs community for over 25 years. One element that has been important to us is sharing with the community. Our news page is designed to connect you with all the local biking organizations. No matter what you ride or what kind of riding you prefer, this page can help connect you to the events and organizations that can help you get the most out of your bicycle.

Check out our Current Events page where you can read about the latest cycling news and happenings in our local area.

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The Old Town Bike Shop Newsletter provides the community and our customers with fascinating and educational articles that are useful and fun to read. We include a mix of local news, event information, technical updates, and safety tips.

The Mountain States Cup is a mountain bike race series that's held in locations throughout Colorado and New Mexico. Take part in one race or race the whole series for points. If you want to race against your peers, this is mountain bike racing at its best.


The CSCC is the place to go to find mountain and road rides in the Colorado Springs area. Check the site so you can find a group that fits your interests and skills. Its more fun to bike with a friend.


Bicycle Colorado watches out for your interests in the Colorado Legislature. You'll also find how to ride safely and legally in the diverse areas of CO (roads, trails, highways) and other useful info.


If you ride the trails, the Medicine Wheel of the Pikes Peak Region is an important resource. They provide information, tips, and more for riders. More importantly, they help maintain trails and teach riders the safest ways of sharing hiking trails with other trail users.


The Trails & Open Space Coalition is an advocate for the wise use of our natural open spaces. Their focus is on the creation of open space, trails, and paths. As bikers, we use and share many of their goals. Find trail planning, trail directions, and even bike paths.


IMBA works with mountain bikers to protect rights and access to our public lands. You can be part of an organization that really makes a difference. Visit IMBA to see what issues are effecting mountain biking in Colorado and the US as well as what you can do to help.


American Cycling Association is one of two sanctioning bodies for races in the USA. ACA covers most of the racing events held in Colorado. This site will provide information for you for road races, mountain bike races, race results and much more.


USA Cycling is the other official body for sanctioning races in most of the USA. This site will provide information for you for road races and mountain bike races on a more national level. This is the place to go for USCF Road and Track Racing and NORBA off road racing.


Sign on with Jenny Skorcz and Bicycle Sambhava and take an incredible cycling journey through the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Her trips combine incredible cycling routes with exposure to the mystical buddhist culture of Druk Yul - the Land of the Thunder Dragon.


Want to develop a life-long enthusiasm for recreational cycling? Bicycling Bliss is the new book by industry leader Portia Masterson which places you, the rider, on center stage to discuss how cycling can serve your personal priorities and life goals.

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